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Serena Fundraiser Money

I've been trying to decide what to do with the money that was raised for Serena and the money still being collected. I'm still adding to the money collected as more people join the group.

To be honest, I don't know what to do with it. There are so many charities out there that are worthy and it's not like we raised that much. I'm of the opinion that every penny counts just like the thoughts behind raising it.

It's not like i knew Serena or that I know her parents. I don't. I was just contacted on Entrecard the same as many others were. So i have no special affiliation with the family, Serena's story just spoke to my heart and i vowed to try and find a way to help. Unfortunately that opportunity has been taken away.

What I am considering doing is finding a way to honor Serena by trying to help others. The money raised isn't alot. It now stands at around $30. We couldn't donate it to help much, but what if we just helped other kids who need it in other ways than just health matters. What if we helped buy school supplies for a child? Or paid for a prescription for a mom who can't afford it? Or buy a pair of shoes for a child who needs them. Something attainable that we can do in Memory of Serena. For things she won't get to do. I'm not saying i have a definite answer to this.

I'm open to other ideas as well, the above is merely an example. So lets come up with something. The people who joined the group and anyone else who still wants to has a say in the matter. Should we form a committee and help kids as we can? Should we donate it to a charity say once a month as more people join the group? And if so what charity? I'm open to ideas and hope people will feel free to post their ideas. Once we have some ideas thrown in the ring we can take a vote.



I have a few ideas... American Cancer Society, LiveStrong, St. Jude's, or your local Shriner's.

How about March of Dimes... They are a great foundation... or the Cancer Society would be a good idea too... Make a Wish foundation is another idea...