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Top Droppers For June

Congrats to June's top droppers. Be on the lookout for your recommendation or Credits whichever applies. Keep an eye out for extra rewards too.

Aerten Art: Superb Blog and beautiful pieces of art. A greater mix you couldn't ask for.

The Creative Nerd: Tina is actually one of my favorite bloggers. She has a good bit to say and she always makes it interesting.

Juuust a Bit Outside: my favorite sports blog and he's been doing some NFL stuff so i'm reading more. I also learned that this is Tina's (see above)Hubby. I just love that. A blogging family.

Forbidden Love: If you like poetry, check this out, you won't be sorry.

Lapidary Queen Wannabees: This is one of the blogs that's going to force me to either work more hours or just go bankrupt buying Jewelry. Beautiful pieces, great designs.

Stay At Home Mom: A Wonderful mommy Blog, with lots of information and personality.

My Absent Mind: The first mommy blog I ever read and let me tell ya, this Mommy is fantastic. If you don't already know her, give her blog a looksee. You'll be hooked in not time flat. Besides being a top dropper, she also awarded my other blog with an Arte Y Pico Award. So she's not just fun she's also very sweet.

Happy Family Matters: Great blog for parenting tips and other useful information. The name says it all.

Humane Blogging Tips: This is also written by the writers of Happy Family Matters but instead of tips for parents, it's tip for bloggers and trust me, these are some great tips.

World Wide Travel: The pictures on this blog alone make you long to visit new places and see the sights. The blog just makes it even better.

Thank to all of you. If this was your first time to appear on my top droppers list you received a recommendation on Entrecard. 2 Time winners received 200 Entrecredits. You all received adsense clicks on ads that interested me if you had them available, you were all faved on technorati and stumbled as well.

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Wow Nessa..Thank you so much for the recognition that you have given me on your blog I appreciate that so very much I enjoy your site, this is a bonus!