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New Finds to Share

I haven't sent out any new sites from the Frogpond lately so i thought i'd catch up on some of my favorites.

While hopping through the pond today I found a site that really touched my heart. I swear i want to be a millionaire just so that I can help people who need it. This iste allows you to do that without needing to be a millionaire. It's called Wish Upon A Hero and it's purpose is to allow people in need to get a helping hand and give those who wish to help their fellow man a way to do so. I registered this morning and bought a toy from Amazon to be sent to a little girl for her birthday. I feel AWESOME about this. This child will never know me, or that I helped her mommy, but it's such a good feeling regardless. I rccommend checking it out. After I raise my goal for Serena, I'm going to keep raising money to help others on this site. Maybe I'll make it a group effort too, where people can vote on who to help. I'll have to think about it more.

Another one I thought was interesting was "Kids In Mind". Their basic premise is rating movies for certain aspects of it, Like Violence, nudity, etc. It rates each movie in three categories and tells you as well, what to expect as far as certain things. For instance if you go see Hancock, this week, you'll apparently see a mans naked buttcheek through his burned and tattered pants. I personally wouldn't utilize this service, mostly because my kids are all older, plsu i typically go by the movie rating to make my decisions. However for those who are more conservative than I am this may be very useful.

I also checked out Postcrossing and this one i think would be really cool. You just sign up, you send a postcard to someone and you get one back from somewhere and then ya start all over again. Wouldn't that be neat? Opening your mailbox and finding you have a card from some part of the world that you'll likely never see in person but you get a little piece of it anyway. I get to send a postcard to a woman in Helsinki, Finland. I'm so excited lol. Yes i know, i'm easily amused.

Well That's about it, There are a few more but i have to get ready for today's activities. Oughta be a blast.

Oh and please please please help me with my goal in raising money for Serena. It's completely free and will help a 3 year old with Neuroblastoma. Details here I also decided that I will match whatever is raised for her. So if we raise $50 by people joining the group, I will donate another $50 on top of that. C'mon ya'll, we can do this!!!

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