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Update on Serena Fundraiser

So far we've raised $11 from people joining the Mom's At Home Group. Since i am matching funds, that's a total of $22. I know we can do better than this. I have faith in my fellow bloggers. Especially the mommy's i know who visit here everyday.

So in that vein i'm asking everyone to please join and lets help raise $100, with matching funds that will be $200. I'd love to do more, but i'm setting the goal low. So come on, it just takes a few clicks to help a child with cancer and you never have to do anything else. If you check "no mail" you'll never even hear from the group. Plus you can feel free to plug your blog there if you like.

For more details, read this post.

AND this week only, each person who joins can choose 1 free scrunchie, any color, any size for FREE. For details and design choices click here. Offer runs through Sunday, July 13th, at midnight.


I joined your group, and blogged on my personal site ( ) with links back to your original post explaining everything...

Good luck! I hope you get a lot of new members!

ty : I, i'm sure that we'll do the best we can. I wish i could do more for her and her family personally, i just don't have it to give.