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Oh This Itches!

Ok, so I learned something in a most painful way. I have been having an issue once again with my shoulder. Apparently there's some nerve damage of some sort there and it's causing me no small amount of pain. I figured it was not a problem really. I know that Tramadol works for this pain in my shoulder and I know where to buy tramadol. So,it seemed like an easy enough solution to call my doctor and get the matter taken care of.

What I didn't count on was that my doctor would issue my prescription for an Extended Release version of Tramadol in 200mg. Lets just say I'm learning the hard way about the side effects of tramadol. there's apparently something else in this particular version that is not in the one I took before and it seems i'm very allergic to that extra component. I'm itching like mad and soaking in oatmeal baths to alleviate the problem.

The bad thing really is that I've taken Tramadol before and it's my choice of painkillers because it just works and doesn't make me feel funny. I don't get sleepy or anything when I take it, I just don't hurt at all. It never occurred to me that I should worry about there being different kinds or anything. I took it for almost a year and never had any kind of reaction to it. you can bet i'll pay close attention from now on if i need it again though. Next time I buy tramadol I'll be checking the label to be sure that it's the one i'm used to and not this newer one. I normally only worry about checking the prices at the various locations I use to fill my prescriptions. At this point I'd almost rather pay more than go through this again. Ouch ouch ouch!

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I hope your shoulder feels better soon and the itching stops. I bet that is annoying.