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Playon RULES!

About a year ago, I decide to let DirectTv have the boot. They're just too expensive in this economy and it seemed like I was always paying more than my contract price for something or another. It wasn't that hard to let it go til I got a converter box for my tv and realized that the digital signal here SUCKS!

Soooooo, I started watching lots of stuff on Netflix through my Xbox 360. That went pretty well for awhile til I had watched everything I wanted to watch and nothing new and interesting seemed to be forthcoming.

That's when through an unfortunate set of circumstances i discovered Playon and my television life was transformed! By downloading Playon to my computer and then networking my Xbox and my computer via a router I can now watch almost anything I want on my televsion. Hulu works well with Playon automatically and there are scripts and plugins you can also use to get even more out of it. it's simple to use and the tech support is top notch.

I can now watch almost anything via Project Free Tv, Hulu, South Park Studios, etc. It took me less than 10 minutes to set it all up and it's just amazing. The Only downside is that Playon is not free, but they do give you 14 days free with full capabilities and tech support to try it out and after that I believe it was $39.99 for life when I paid for it. That's A LOT less than the $100-150 I was paying per MONTH for Directtv. So it's not only awesome but it saves me a great deal of money too.

Give it a try and see what you think. I highly recommend using scripts to watch Tv shows through Project Free Tv instead of Hulu because it seems the connection quality is compromised with Hulu but it's still watchable with no problem. It just seems to buffer more often than the other does.

PLEASE NOTE: I was not paid in any way to promote this product or the mentioned websites, I'm simply passing along the information in case others may find it useful. Sometimes good companies deserve free publicity and this is one of those times.

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