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DIY kids storage cubbies

Guest Post Written By Rhoda Parsons

Having two little girls means that they basically take over your house. I have so much stuff by myself that I should have known and suspected that this would be the case. Between the two of them they have so many little dress up clothes and hair accessories that they could probably start their own little girl boutique with just their stuff!

So I knew that I needed to do something about it actually and went online with our CLEAR INTERNET to come up with some simple but cute storage solutions for all their stuff.

I found an idea for how to make a DIY kids cubby and got my husband to look at the directions. He's supposed to get started on the cubby systems this weekend but we'll see if it actually happens. I've already found store bought versions of the same thing just in case he figures out that he can't make it on his own. But I haven't told him that, of course.

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