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Here Comes The Bride...

I tell ya, waiting for my son's wedding day to come is taking forever! Not that I am really actually eager to marry him off and get rid of him mind you, I just feel like the time is dragging by. The bad thing about it is that I am not sure they really even have anything ready so it might actually be even longer  before they make it down the aisle.

I know there is definitely a great deal to do. The dress, the rings, the caterer, the venue, you name it. There's only so much time in the day and they both work full time so their time is limited. It's no easy feat for sure. In the meantime, I thought I'd share an interesting photo on the history of weddings. It's amazing how far back some of our wedding traditions come from. Some of it is rather funny too! Thanks Moissanite for the chuckle!

Frazzled Mom To An Engaged Son!

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Second Job

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

Recently I got a second job that requires me to work late at night. I have to work approximately four nights a week. When this happens I miss seeing all my favorite TV shows. My husband is at home on those nights and gets to watch everything he wants to without having to decide with me what to watch. Thank goodness we have direct TV so I can DVR all my favorite shows. I could not stand it if I had to miss what was happening on Grey’s with Meredith and Derrick trying to adopt their baby. Then I just stay on pins and needles waiting to find out who is going to “get it” on Revenge. I am pretty sure that is my new favorite show. They come up with a new twist each week that sucks me in even more. I am guessing that this is my escape from reality. I can watch all my shows that I recorded on the weekend and stay caught up. My husband thinks I am quite the psycho when it comes to watching my shows, but I don’t think I am any worse than he is about his football games. At least I watch a variety.

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Reading about zombies

Guest post written by Rachel Stone

When it comes to reading about zombies, I don't just do it for enjoyment. It's like I even read it with a scientific eye because by now I know so many things about zombies that whenever I read something about them that sounds like it doesn't make sense, I'm a little bit skeptical about it. But that has never happened when I've been reading a Max Brooks book. I read the Zombie Survival Guide when it first came out and loved it. So of course I was really excited back when the book World War Z came out.
Now I'm really excited about the movie that they're coming out with for the World War Z book and I like to check what's going on with the filming with my wireless internet New York. I've been reading all kinds of blog posts about how people think that they're going to ruin the source material. But I'm sure that it will end up working out really well in the end. But I guess I'll have to be the judge of that later.

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What a Load Off

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

Buying my first house was a huge decision both personally and financially, but I'm sure glad I did it. I feel more adult now than I ever have before and I am even paying all of my own bills for the first time in my life! I'm really proud of myself for getting here at such a young age and I can't even describe how much fun it is to decorate a house you own yourself. At first, I had a little bit of trouble balancing the mortgage and the utilities from month-to-month. It didn't take long before I researched better energy rates at and talked to my cable company about combining my cable and Internet. Now that all my bills are a little more manageable, living in this big house feels like the right decision. I can't wait until the last of my furniture is delivered next week and I can invite all my friends over for a huge summer housewarming party! Maybe I'll even make it a stock the bar party!

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Get Real Results With Advertising Professionals

While I am a big fan of word of mouth advertising, I also know that advertising campaigns via commercials, print ads and social media can be a true friend of any product. Where I can tell 10 people about a product I really enjoy in a few days, a good advertising campaign can reach thousand of potential buyers in a matter of minutes. That's the beauty of what advertising can do for your brand.

The hard part is finding an advertising agency that truly wants to see your brand succeed. There are all kinds of companies out there that claim they can promote your product and help you see results, but not all of them hit the mark.

That Advertising Agency strives to pair clients with creative and talented professionals to help them realize the results they're hoping for. A company can come up with a fantastic product, but if no one ever hears about it, the product disappears.

In all honesty, some of my favorite products are things I tried because a commercial or a print ad enticed me to do so. Be it dancing peanuts, a big muscled man or a favorite cartoon character, something in the advertising caught my eye and got me to purchase the product for the first time. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite cleaning products owes my allegiance to the fact that bubbles zooming around the bathtub while cleaning it made me laugh as a kid. yes I had to buy the product to see that it worked well, but it was the commercial with the grumpy ole bubble that made me WANT to try the product. That's successful advertising!

Do you have a brand that you just know people like me will love? Have you come up with something the rest of us can't live without? Give That Advertising Agency a try and see what they can do for you and your brand. You can even request their portfolio to see past work. Ask for information today and get your product out there for the rest of us to try. You'll be glad you did!


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Seducity-Paper Dolls With a Sexy Flair

Have you ever wanted to be someone else? Do you ever long to escape reality for just a little while? Would you like to be able to play games, chat with friends, meet other like minded individuals and do it all from the comfort of your home? If so, join Seducity for more fun than you can shake a stick at.

Seducity is an adult virtual world where anything goes. You can be Gothic, You can be a fairy. You can be fashionable. You can be yourself, or exactly the opposite, no matter what that may be. One of the best things about this virtual world is how accepting it is. Gay, Straight, Goth, "normal", they all exist together in a fun and friendly atmosphere. All members are over 18 so you don't have to worry about feeling as if you need to babysit other people's children as in other virtual worlds or have to worry that you could be chatting up someone that's under age.

There are many ways in which you can customize your avatar. Here are just a few different looks.

Not only can you decorate yourself, you can also decorate your own apartments or "turf".

You can start with something like this:

And end with this:

One great feature of Seducity is the games. Members and staff host games throughout the day like Yahtzee, Slingo, Bingo and many others. There are prizes for winners and door prizes as well just for coming to play. Not only are the games fun and easy to play but they are also a great way to meet other members and have fun.

One of the most interesting features of Seducity is the adult nature available in this particular virtual world. Seducity offers a sexual exploration not offered in other places online. There are many ways in which to do this including not only avatar sex, but also the opportunity to learn about alternate lifestyles without actually having to participate in real life or worry about any embarrassment. Seducity's sexual side is a bonus for those who wish to explore it, however this isn't a free for all orgy or anything even close. Members are never asked to participate in anything sexual, though there are often game prizes and events with sexual connotations attached. All members choose the level in which they wish to participate and others respect it. Sex is an option, not the rule.

Overall, Seducity is a fun virtual world that is easy to understand and have fun in. Members and Staff are more than willing to show newbies around and help them out as well as give them tokens (in world currency) to get them started. There are married couples, some who actually met in Seducity and got married both in world and in real life, dating couples and singles. Like this guy. He's not the only one though.

Would you like to try it out first? Seducity offers a free 2 week trial with full functionality to test it out. Joining has never been easier and you'll love the many ways available to customize your experience. Don't be shy...........join now. New friends await!


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Easter Egg Decorating

Looking for new ways to decorate your Easter Eggs? I am! I'm tired of the same ole same ole. A big mess with a twenty cups of dye and few ideas on how to make the eggs look different than the year before.

So this year I'm starting early and looking up new stuff. Here are some of the ideas I found. Who knew there were so many awesome ideas out there? For instructions on how to create the eggs shown. simply click the picture and it will take you to the page. Enjoy and be sure to enter my Comfort Cross Giveaway.

Bedazzled Eggs

Word Eggs

Disco Eggs

Aluminum Foil Eggs

Melted Crayon Eggs

Rubber Band Eggs

Tie Dye Easter Eggs


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